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Antiques and fine art can substantially increase the value of your estate, so it’s important to know what they’re worth. Consider the client who thought she had $12,000 worth of art, when in fact she had more than $150,000.

Knowing how much your antiques and art are worth is important, especially if you’re:

  • downsizing to a smaller home/condo
  • preparing or revising a will
  • settling an estate
  • dividing assets among family members
  • assessing insurance needs
  • wishing to convert possessions into cash
  • considering a charitable donation

Deciding what to keep, what to give away, what to sell – and how – is difficult and time-consuming for most people.

My appraisals will tell you:

  • what they're worth
  • how to sell them or divide them fairly
  • where to sell them ie. addresses and phone numbers
  • when is it a good time - seasonal or market state considerations and are you under deadline pressure that might prevent getting the best prices which might lead to regrets down the road?

John’s services make the job easier and hasten the process.

He also has the time to spend with elderly clients; time their own children can rarely afford due to career and other family commitments. He listens and responds to the issues and the memories that often make it difficult for clients to dispense with possessions. John spends the time, does the research then offers informed, sensitive advice. This is work he truly enjoys.

The executors of a large estate recently hired him to advise them on how best to dispense with the home’s contents, which included everything from household beds and furniture to antique dishes and glassware. He established market values, identified sales options and made recommendations. This enabled his clients to make informed choices – rather than best guesses.

An appraisal is an informed opinion of value based on knowledge and experience. John has been an antiques and fine art appraiser for over 30 years. His syndicated weekly newspaper column, This Old Thing! (formerly So, What’s it Worth?), which appears in the Saturday Toronto Star and other Canadian newspapers, is now read by over two million Canadians every week.

Please note John does NOT buy what he appraises so there is no potential for conflict of interest.

If you’d like to discuss your appraisal needs, please contact John at

If you need only a single item or a few items appraised, you might want to consider his online appraisal service at


“ After nearly 50 years of collecting art and antiques we decided it was time to clear the decks a little. We didn’t want that responsibility to burden our children down the road. We hired John Sewell to appraise our collections, then research and recommend the most advantageous method of selling them. We were in constant contact with him regarding a multitude of details. It took a tremendous load off our shoulders to have this kind of back-up, particularly the financial arrangements he negotiated with the auction house itself. John's reputation and presence paid for his costs. ” - Dr. Murray and Ruth Cathcart, Wiarton

“We hired John Sewell to appraise a large collection of art and antiques donated to the South Essex Arts Association. We found him to be professional, personable and extremely knowledgeable. His fee was also very reasonable. I highly recommend his services.” - Ralph Butler, Director/Treasurer, South Essex Arts Association, Leamington, Ont.


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